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General Information

An implicit bias is an unconscious attitude, belief, prejudice, or stereotype about an individual or group of people from a social group which can directly affect our behavior or understanding of that group. 

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Implicit biases can come in many forms. Let's take socioeconomic status as an example. The belief that high socioeconomic status students are expected to do well on standardized testing whereas others are thought to do poorly due to lack of resources is an implicit bias! This belief can hinder motivation levels and can cause students from low socioeconomic status families to feel out of place in school as they associate themselves as being "lower" in society. This is why it is important to recognize head on when you are making an implicit bias and begin to combat them.

How You Can Help

To be able to combat your implicit biases, you must first learn what they are. This implicit bias test will help you figure out what implicit biases that you have!

Teachers, you can help combat implicit biases through reflective teaching, an inclusive classroom climate, and through surveys or end term evaluations to check in on students!

Students, be open and friendly to everyone around you when finding out their race, socioeconomic status, etc. Be accepting when learning where they stand in their beliefs and preferences. Inclusion is key! 

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