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When you Join the #LetsDoBetterMovement, you are joining a network of adults & student leaders who are committed to having a positive impact on their communities.



Start a New Campus Movement!

Become a Founding Member & Start a #LetsDoBetterMovement on your campus! We are actively recruiting student leaders to bring the Movement to more schools across North America. These opportunities are limited. After “Founding Members” have been named for each school, we will no longer offer this level of membership for your school. Founding Members get a free lifetime membership in the movement along with special perks and discounts on merchandise not available to any other membership level. Contact us if you are interested in starting a new chapter of the #LetsDoBetterMovement.


Start a New Campus Movement!


Join a Movement or Service Project

Join a Movement or Service Project

Yes, I want to become an Active Member so I can:

  • Participate in on-campus activities & service projects that address social and racial injustices

  • Have a positive impact on the community surrounding campus

  • Be seen as a campus leader

  • Be seen as a person who is willing the create change

Become a Contributing Member

Yes, I want to:

  • Contribute to the #LetsDoBetterMovement by writing articles of interest & blogs for our website

  • Stay informed & educated on issues being addressed by members of this network

  • Participate in surveys so that my opinion and voice on the subjects are being heard


Become a Contributing Member


Networking Members

Become a Networking Member

Yes, I want to:

  • Be in the know

  • Join this network to stay informed and gain a better understanding of the issues & have access to dates/locations of peaceful demonstrations

Advisory Members

Are you a current staff or full-time faculty member willing to donate time, effort and advice to support initiatives at your school to serve your community, engage student leaders and educate others? Do you have the ability to act as a liaison to the school, serving the #LetsDoBetterMovement on campus in navigating school policies & procedures? If so, please contact us.


Advisory Members

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Bring #LetsDoBetterMovement to my Company

Let your employees know that you hear them and you are willing to stand with them to make a difference in your organization and community.  Actions speak louder than words.  Contact us today to learn how.

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